About Sarkis Family Psychiatry

Dr. Elias H Sarkis founded our clinic in 1991 with a vision to provide high quality psychiatric care to the children and families of north-central Florida. As we’ve grown over the years, that vision has inspired us to include a wide range of treatment options that address individual needs in a holistic and integrative way. This means we examine patients’ nutritional habits, social interactions, schoolwork, sleep schedules and more as part of the psychiatric evaluation. Then, in addition to taking full advantage of conventional treatment approaches like medication, psychotherapy, and couples therapy, we also use nutritional supplements, cutting-edge technology, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and other non-drug treatments as part of our approach to integrative, complimentary medicine.

We are among the first in North Florida to offer computer-based memory-improvement and cognitive training, available at Sarkis Testing and Treatment Center. We offer neurofeedback (a kind of biofeedback that focuses on the brain), and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a new treatment for depression that does not involve drugs, surgery, or electric shocks. All of these treatments are evidence-based, meaning that they are well-researched and shown to be effective. We also give patients the opportunity to get involved in new clinical research through Sarkis Clinical Trials.

Meet our Team

Our Physicians

Dr. Elias Sarkis, MD

Dr. Erik Gooch, DO

Nurse Practitioners

Dr. Kathy Noffsinger, DNP

Dr. Brooke Reccoppa, DNP

Heather Sarkis, APRN

Megan Cutter, APRN

Dr. Celena Heesch, DNP

Our Therapists

Bruce Jennings, LMHC

Kate Bowser, M.Ed., RMHCI

Rhonda Grieser, MSW, RCSWI

Front Office

Donna Hover, LPN

Emma Summers,
Administrative Assistant

Jasmine Webb,
Front Desk Receptionist

Nahome Fessahaye,
Front Desk Receptionist

Lauren Lambert, B.A.S.,
New Patient and Spravato Coordinator, Front Desk Receptionist

Our Administration

Jonathan Sherrod

Daniel Sarkis, CFO


Sarkis Family Psychiatry is a group practice, which means our MDs, Psychologists,Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Mental Health Counselors work closely together to provide evaluation, education, and treatment for a full range of mental disorders and emotional problems, such as ADHD, depression,bipolar, anxiety disorders, autism, and PTSD. As a result, you may see several of us in the course of your treatment. One of the great advantages of a group practice is the ease with which care can be coordinated and the ready availability of on-the-spot consultation. Because we recognize the importance of families and know that one family member’s problems have an effect on the entire family we try, whenever possible, to include the whole family in treatment.

All of this allows us to provide the best individualized treatment possible to help patients and their families resolve their difficulties and restart their lives.